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Let me take a minute to give Zach Frazer some credit

If you think back to the start of the fall, things were pretty glum around here. The football team was losing to Temple and Rutgers, players were fighting with each other and the program seemed lost. Any shot UConn had at the BCS had disappeared, plus, there was clearly no hope that the basketball team would succeed and make the winter more bearable.

We took out a lot of frustrations (see Meacham's axing of Randy Edsall), but the majority of the frustrations were targeted at the quarterback position, especially Zach Frazer. I was particularly harsh. I'm not writing this to take back that criticism. There are still a lot of problems with Edsall as a coach and recruiter, and Frazer was terrible and got a well-deserved benching.

However, before we head into the weekend I want to take a second to acknowledge that since he took over for Mike Box in the Louisville game, Frazer has been exactly what UConn needed him to be. In the three and a half games, he's completed 46 of 78 pass attempts and only thrown one interception. He's not lighting the world on fire by any means -- he only has two touchdown passes in that same time span -- but he's been what UConn needed, a competent manager who can make the occasional play and won't turn over the ball.

UConn has reverted to Formula 2007 which means the Huskies run, run and then run some more, but Frazer fits right in in that system. He may not be the reason the team is winning, but he's a solid contributor that seems to have finally found a role he can excel in and he deserves recognition for that.