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UConn and technology part three: this site

Thanks to Samsung, I've spent the last two Fridays discussing technology and UConn. For our final installment, I wanted to talk about something close to my heart: this site.

To be clear, when talking about this blog, I'm really just talking about the way the internet lets fans and sports nerds of all stripes come together to celebrate their teams. It doesn't matter if its here, or the Boneyard or Deadspin. All that matters is that there is now a place we can congregate, and we don't even have to leave Mom's basement to do it.

The shared fan experience is a great one, but only if you can, you know, interact with other fans. Twenty years ago, running this site from Chicago would have been impossible. Hell, it would have been very hard just to follow the Huskies, and I'd almost certainly be doing it alone. Now that isn't the case, and that's wonderful.