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Randy Edsall is a happy man: UConn 30, Pitt 28

You know, I think it's best we just gloss over all the negatives surrounding the UConn football team and just, for a couple days at least, enjoy the ride. Formula 2007 is back in full force, as UConn is coming up with unbelievably timely turnovers and special teams play to pull wins out of nowhere. (That formula is so-named based on the 2007 team, which was +14 in turnover margin and returned nine kicks or picks for touchdowns and finished 9-4 overall, despite being outgained by an average of four yards per game by its 13 opponents.)

But the other story behind the Huskies' 30-28 victory over Pitt last night was that UConn's offensive line put in a tremendous effort again the Big East's best defensive line, setting up Jordan Todman for 220+ yards. (This just in: Jordan Todman is awesome.) The O-line has been wildly disappointing in 2010, but not last night. You can't count on lucky breaks to go your way every week, but if UConn can dominate the line of scrimmage, they'll have a chance to bet anyone left on their schedule.

Meanwhile, I hope the demons have gotten into Randy Edsall (see above) stay around for a while. An A+ performance by Edsall, if only for making a no-brainer 4th-and-1 call that 80% of coaches wouldn't make.

In the oh-so-terrible Big East, UConn seems as good a choice as any to embarrass the conference in the Fiesta Bowl*. Just about everything is back in play with three games to go. Long live Formula 2007.

*If UConn wins its final three games, and West Virginia wins its last four, no matter what else happens, UConn goes to the BCS. It's possible, if not particularly likely, because UConn still has two road games left. But still, wrap your brain around that reality.