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TheRoundUp 11/10: Bring the noise

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Edsall Wants UConn Fans To Step Up When Pitt Visits -
"Here we are at home on a Thursday night, ESPN, national TV. You hope that it's going to be a sellout, it's going to be loud, because it's a big advantage," UConn coach Randy Edsall said during his pre-Pitt teleconference Tuesday. "Pitt has made comments in the paper this week about pumping crowd noise in because they've played here before, and they've seen what this crowd can be."

UCONN FOOTBALL: Pitt coach gearing team up for rowdy Rentschler - The Middletown Press
"It’s a smaller stadium, but it’s loud," Pinkston told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "If you don’t take them out of the game right away, they’ll be on you. The crowd gives them a lot of momentum, but we aren’t worried about anything else, just ourselves."

UConn coach praises Pitt's program - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
"Pitt has the best talent in the league," Edsall said. "We're going to have a tough game, so we have to play our best game to win.

Negative Recruiting Alive And Well - UCONN | Men's Basketball
"Calhoun is sick, he's going to retire, UConn's going to be banned from the NCAA Tournament," Tanesha said of the things she continually heard from other schools. "People tried to put the fear in him with all this negative stuff, but I said, 'Ryan, what's in your heart?'

Absurdly Early Bracketology, Part II: The West Region - Blogging the Bracket
11. Connecticut (Big East at-large): While the Huskies are likely to not be as bad as they were last season, it's not clear if they'll be good enough to be safely in the Tournament. Jerome Dyson, Gavin Edwards, and Stanley Robinson are all gone (and so is Ater Majok, not that he helped much), and while Jim Calhoun has brought in a bunch of freshman to help out Kemba Walker and Alex Oriakhi. if UConn gets through the inevitable growing pains early, they could surprise in the Big East. If not, they won't be in the final field of 68.

The Day - The time is now for UConn's Lorin Dixon | News from southeastern Connecticut
Dixon is definitely aiming for the former portrait, one of a self-confident senior, something that's badly needed on a team with five freshmen and only 10 healthy players overall.

Cincy stuns No. 9 UConn - The News Record - Sports
For the first time in the school's six-year stint in the Big East, the Cincinnati men's soccer team is headed to the semifinals of the league's postseason tournament.