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UConn reduces scholarships to 12, self-imposes two-year probation

The UConn men's basketball will reduce its number of allotted scholarships from 13 to 12 over the next two academic years (2010-11, '11-12) and self-impose a two-year probation as a result of admitting to several NCAA violations, according to the school's response to the NCAA violations.

According to the release (via the Courant):

"This report reflects our thorough and extensive review of the facts in this case pertaining to our men's basketball program," said UConn Director of Athletics Jeffrey Hathaway. "In the course of this review, it became clear that there were some areas of oversight that needed to be addressed. We have worked diligently during the past several months to address these issues and, as a result, have improved the administration of the program. Our immediate attention is focused on the meeting in Indianapolis with the Committee on Infractions, and we look forward to using this experience to improve the operation of our entire intercollegiate athletics program."

While the school admitted to several violations, the response contests the claim that head coach Jim Calhoun "failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance." Calhoun says in his response that he was aware of the relationship between former player Nate Miles and agent Josh Nochimson, but felt warnings he made to Miles about conduct between the two were sufficient.

The NCAA can also add to UConn's self-imposed sanctions, depending on whether or not it agrees with the university's response. UConn officials are expected to meet with the committee of infraction in Indianapolis on Oct. 15-16.

Read a PDF of the response here.