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TheRoundUp 10/4: Eagerly awaiting the start of Big East play

What we learned in the Big East, Week 5 - Big East Blog - ESPN
1. UConn is starting to figure things out.

UConn Linebacker Scott Lutrus Returns After Missing 3 Games With A Stinger -
It's been very frustrating," Lutrus said. "I went through this last year and it was a tough time, but it's good to be back, just enjoying it out there with the guys on the team and having some fun. It's best when we win.

UConn Notebook: Difton Works Well With Endres -
He's a fiery kid and we have a lot of fun out there," Endres said. "He's coming along really well. He's still a young guy [20] but he did a great job of getting open and making plays when he had to.

Check out a bit more football and some good basketball stuff after the break.


UConn's Offensive Line Steps Up After Bennett Injury -
We missed some things that we could have had — some blocks late in the game there that if we would have blocked them the way we were supposed to I think Jordan could have had more yards," Edsall said. "But I was happy with the way that they played.

Jamal Coombs-McDaniel And The UConn Bench - UCONN | Men's Basketball
Coombs had all kinds of struggles last season but still got all kinds of playing time. He could emerge as an important bench player again, but its going to be crowded. Calhoun is pleased to have what he considers some real options from the bench.

Hinds Says UConn is No. 1 on List |
Mount Vernon point guard Jabarie Hinds enjoyed his weekend visit to UConn so much, they jumped to the top of his list.

U.S. women wrap up world championship with gold medal - ESPN
Throughout the nine games, Auriemma pushed the right buttons in terms of playing time and combinations. And the American team responded to him after halftime of the final, ratcheting up and extending the defense, which paid off on both ends.