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UConn defeats West Virginia in overtime 16-13

First of all:

Wow, I forgot what winning felt like for a minute and man does it feel good. It must feel especially good for Sio Moore, who was a beast tonight, racking up 16 tackles (I think) along with two forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries.

Moore and the Huskies should feel proud that they've finally bested West Virginia, but please, don't let yourself get carried away. Outside of the early 55-yard run it gave up, the defense was superb, but UConn still struggled in every other aspect of the game and was the recipient of several gifts from a West Virginia team that did everything it could to help the Huskies win.

This was not a UConn win, it was a Mountaineer loss. Turnovers and poor decision making killed West Virginia and UConn still needed OT to win. Plus, as nice as it is to beat West Virginia, this is a team that nearly lost to Marshall and got exposed by Syracuse, so wait to see where they finish the season before celebrating too much. 

Outside of one or two brief flashes of competence, UConn's offense did less than nothing and I lost count of just how many times the Huskies went 3-and-out. The special teams were just as bad, though Dave Teggart does deserve credit for coming through when it mattered most.

Still though, a win is a win and it feels good to finally be on the board in the Big East. This keeps UConn's bowl hopes alive and hopefully signals a fresh start for the team.

Go Huskies.