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TheRoundUp 10/28: He's bacccckkkkkkk

The Day - UConn QB Box to miss W. Virginia game; Frazer back in as starter | News from southeastern Connecticut
Quarterback Mike Box, who suffered a concussion during the third quarter of last week's 26-0 loss at Louisville, has been ruled out of Friday's Big East Conference game against West Virginia.

Jeff Jacobs: UConn Simply Doesn't Have The Athletes Other Big East Schools Have -
This is just incredibly damning: According to, from 2005 to 2010, West Virginia, UConn's opponent Friday night, recruited two five-star, 18 four-star and 77 three-star players. That's a total of 100 athletes. Louisville, according to, recruited one five-star, 15 four-star and 71 three-star players during the same six-year period. That's 87 athletes. By contrast, had UConn recruiting two four-star and 31 three-star athletes for a total of 33. had UConn recruiting three four-star and 29 three-star players for a total of 32.

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UConn stars in 'The spy who blogged me' - Big East Blog - ESPN
Coach Randy Edsall told reporters Wednesday that he moved the team indoors to practice in part because of a spy problem. Edsall said somebody posted on a message board or blog a detailed description of the Huskies' practice on Tuesday.

West Virginia looks to rev up stalled offense - Big East Blog - ESPN
What happened to the high-powered Mountaineers offense that once scared the bejesus out of defenses? That's been the subject of much hand-wringing throughout West Virginia this week, as the team has averaged a meager 17 points in its two Big East games.

Mountaineers put focus on UConn - | News, Sports, Jobs, Community Information - Parkersburg News and Sentinel
The UConn football website has a ''highlight'' video of last week's 26-0 loss to Louisville. Featured on that video, which lasts only a minute and 38 seconds, were six plays - a first down passing, two first downs rushing, a 36-yard kickoff return, a sack, and a tackle for a loss.

The Big East Has Already Been Decided - Voodoo Five
Voodoo Five runs through a scenario where UConn goes 0-7, but everyone else finishes in a seven-way 4-3 tie atop the Big East.

Walker dominating UConn's practices - Connecticut Post
"Kemba is clearly a level above everybody else," UConn coach Jim Calhoun said after practice Wednesday afternoon. "We can't stop him. Hopefully, nobody else will."