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TheRoundUp 10/25: One nice story and a whole lot of bad news

UConn scores by spending more - The Boston Globe
Ten years after UConn moved to college football’s highest level, school officials say the considerable investment in athletics is paying off by introducing the school to potential applicants, fostering alumni loyalty, and improving legislative relations.

UConn Beaten In All Phases By Louisville -
"We got our butts beat today pretty good, really in all three phases," UConn coach Randy Edsall said.

Jeff Jacobs: UConn Got Its Bell Rung By Louisville -
Two weeks to prepare … for this? Two weeks to heal the wounds of a late-collapse at Rutgers … for this? This wasn't erosion. This was a mudslide. This was free fall.

Big East race update, Week 9 - Big East Blog - ESPN
All but finished - Connecticut: The good news for the Huskies is they have only two road games left. The bad news is that they're already 0-2 and the team looks like it's in disarray.

Big East power rankings, Week 9 - Big East Blog - ESPN
8. Connecticut (3-4, 0-2): The Huskies' 26-0 loss at Louisville -- off a bye week, no less -- wasn't even as close as the score indicates. UConn is a disaster right now, and with West Virginia coming to town Friday night, the season is teetering on the brink of utter collapse.

AP - Moore, UConn coaches' picks in Big East again
Connecticut forward Maya Moore, the Big East's top player the last three seasons, was once again the coaches' choice as the league's preseason player of the year on Thursday.

Tennessee's Summitt Reaches A Low Point -
Unless Summitt offers proof of recruiting violations of any substance, what she has done is outrageous. There is undoubtedly some sentiment that if Geno is going to dish it out, surely he has to take it. That sentiment is fine if you want to point out what a smartass he is. But Summitt essentially called him a cheater. She is impugning a man's integrity.