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Walker: 'No connection' on last year's team

NEW YORK -- It probably isn't a surprise to hear there were chemistry problems on UConn's basketball team last year, and that's something UConn's Kemba Walker doesn't want to happen again.

Energy, enthusiasm and effort were the three things that the junior guard listed as UConn's biggest problems at the end of UConn's 2009-10 season.

"There was like no connection between us last season," Walker said. "One thing we are really thing to force this year is team unity, everyone staying together all the time."

"I don't think [unity] was ever there," Walker said of about last year's team. "I don't think it was ever there. Of course we had a couple good games where, you know, it was just UConn basketball, but, you know, for the majority of the season, I don't think it was ever there."

It was a sentiment head coach Jim Calhoun echoed. Calhoun said the coaching staff was working in practice to make sure the team stayed a cohesive group. He said that unlike previous years, UConn wouldn't be able to rely on a few superstars to win and instead would have to focus on a collective group of players working together.

Calhoun called Walker a star, but said there was no one ready to follow him, so if this year's team was to succeeded, it would be because the players had one another's back.