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A brief programming note about Big East media day

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Today is the Big East basketball media day, and guess what, TheUConnBlog will be there, collecting all sorts of fun Big East news and tidbits for you. I'll have some content going up throughout the day here, (and probably some more throughout the week), but the real action will be over at our Twitter and Facebook pages, which I'll be updating throughout the day.

This is all a part of a program we're doing this basketball season with Volvo. They're a Big East sponsor and working with several Big East blogs to promote their new Volvo S60, so they furnished travel and accommodations to make today's coverage possible. We'll also be working with them later in the season to do some stuff about the gameday experience for a UConn fan, so keep an eye out for that.

So, be sure to check in regularly throughout the day, keep an eye on our Twitter (follow us if you aren't already), and check in on our Facebook page for even more updates along with some photos.