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TheRoundUp 10/18 - Jasper Howard RIP

Remembering UConn cornerback Jasper Howard -
"No, it seems like yesterday," UConn football coach Randy Edsall said Wednesday, reflecting on the night when Jasper Howard was stabbed to death.

Calhoun Returns To Push His Huskies -
"It's definitely different to have a lot of young guys," junior captain Kemba Walker said. "We don't want them to think that they're young, just because of the role they have to play. A lot of them are going to play major minutes and contribute a lot to this team."

Jim Calhoun Comments On UConn's First Practice - UCONN | Men's Basketball
"The greatest discovery was the that we are faced with -- and no one really cares, nor should they -- we are very young," Calhoun said. "We played young. I think we are a smart team, and we didn't show it. Mental toughness is OK. Shape is great. They went a while today."

Free Throws A Problem At UConn Practice No.1 - UCONN | Men's Basketball
Day 1 of work was to end as soon as the Huskies made 8 of 11 free throws. Each time they failed, they ran sprints. It took 21 minutes and seven attempts for that to happen.

UConn Huskies still top dog as 2010-11 opens - ESPN
At least in the first poll, the penthouse residents are probably still going to be the UConn Huskies, winners -- had you somehow not heard -- of 78 games in a row.

Two UConn Grads Are Umpires In The LCS -

Rutgers' Eric LeGrand is paralyzed from neck down - ESPN New York
Rutgers junior defensive tackle Eric LeGrand was injured making a tackle on a kickoff return Saturday and sustained a horrific neck injury that has left him paralyzed below the neck.