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TheRoundUp 10/11: Hockey edition

That's right, I said hockey. Things are so depressing around the football and men's basketball team that we're starting off on the ice where the men's hockey team pulled out an improbable and impressive tie against Maine this weekend.

Bartus keeps Bears at bay as UConn earns tie — Bangor Daily News Sports
The nationally ranked Black Bears, with the full allotment of 18 scholarships, entertained a UConn team that doesn’t have any scholarships and won just seven games a year ago. Maine was fourth in the nation in scoring (3.67 goals per game) and UConn was 58th or dead last (1.59). UConn was 53rd in team defense (3.65). Maine had the nation’s best power play (27.7 percent) and UConn had the nation’s worst (11.4 percent).

At midway point, Huskies displaying their inadequacies
Six games into the season — the schedule half finished — the UConn football team has proven itself to be inconsistent of offense and prone to allowing huge plays on defense.

Analysis: What UConn's sanctions mean - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
The major issue for Connecticut will be whether or not the COI sides with Calhoun. If it doesn’t, then he will have the stigma of failing to monitor. If it does, then the loss of scholarships for two years shouldn’t have that much of a damaging effect.

The Day - At UConn, Calhoun clearly comes first
That means nobody had the decency, or communication skills, to alert Edsall that his team's Big East opener wouldn't be the biggest sports news of the day at his own school. And so it is with considerable venom that I suggest it's time to back up the truck at State U and start over.

Tickets Another Part Of NCAA Investigation Puzzle At UConn -
While the main focus of the NCAA investigation into Jim Calhoun's basketball program focused on text messages and who called whom, the allegation that tickets were distributed improperly also goes to a larger issue — lack of institutional control by Calhoun and the athletic department.