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Does this new site make us look fat?

Hello and welcome to the new and (hopefully) improved If you're new to the site, welcome aboard, we're glad to have you and feel free to compliment our creative name in the comments. If you are a UConnBlog regular, you'll no doubt notice that everything looks very different because Kevin, Justin and I have joined forces with the SBNation blog network. Despite the new look, the content won't change, as the three of us continue to produce a consistently inconsistent stream of coverage and analysis of UConn sports.

What will change is the way you interact with the site. Once you register, you'll have access to threaded (!) comments, plus SBNation's FanPosts and FanShots features. FanPosts allow you talk about whatever you want, regardless of whether or not we have discussed it. FanShots allow you to post a picture, video or quick bit of information to the site for all to see. In addition, other users can comment on your FanPosts and FanShots.

When we started this site sixteen months ago it was little more than an amateur website that we begged our friends to read. We're happy to say that we've come a long way to become a (slightly less amateur) website that has developed a loyal readership that includes a full half-dozen people we don't know and anyone who happens to google image search the word "blowout." All kidding aside we are proud of how we've grown and where we'll be going from here. Welcome to the new, we hope you enjoy it.