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Good news for everyone who likes complaining (which would be everyone)

ESPN's Andy Katz is reporting that the Blane Dog will be around for at least two more games, tomorrow afternoon's Marquette game and Monday's date at Louisville. Jim Calhoun would likely make his triumphant return next Saturday at home against DePaul or, if he's not feeling up to that, the following Saturday at home against Cincinnati.

Which means tomorrow, instead of yelling directly at Jerome Dyson, Coach Cal will scream at his TV in his Pomfret home, with roughly the same results.

(Also, I wonder if Coach Cal will be frightened by seeing his own image in a Comcast Triple Play commercial. "RID MY SCREEN OF THIS DEMONRY!")

This comes, of course, after the Connecticut media - by which I mean Jeff Jacobs - essentially blamed Blaney's lack of...shall we say passion?...for the loss to Providence.

There's a time to relax. And there's a time to kick ass.

There's a time to fold your arms and have the patience of Job. And there's a time to wave your arms and insist you want the job done now.

Some games are about X's and O's and execution. And some are about the tick-tock.

 I don't even know what that last one means.

So since we've got another week or so to bask in Blane-a-mania, head over to the Courant to read this profile, in which I learned that Blaney played on the Knicks team who allowed Wilt Chamberlain to score 100 points. So no matter how awful UConn plays on defense, Blaney can always be around to say, "Ha! Amateurs!"

Just kidding, Blane Dog. We love ya. As long as you beat Marquette and don't torpedo the season tomorrow.