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Sweet, sweet victory

I think I speak for all us when I say: AHHHHHHH!

With the whole euphoric thing clouding my judgment, here are the only six coherent things I can say about this game.

1. First person to say UConn plays better under Blaney gets drop-kicked.

2. That court-storming was embarrassing. We have two titles and just went to the Final Four. Get your sh*t together, student body.

3. It's amazing what can happen when Kemba is running at full speed. Although he committed some of the worst turnovers I've ever seen en route to a career-high eight, his emergence in the second half (along with Texas' foul trouble and Rick Barnes' bone-headed move not to call a timeout) was what swung this game. Jerome Dyson was his usual stat-stuffing self, scoring a career-high 32 points. But while that shouldn't be overlooked, it's really become customary at this point. What this team needed was someone to run the show, and that's exactly what he did -- on offense and by throwing himself around like a rag doll. 

4. On a similar vein, Ater Majok was almost as important. He had only five points, but he also FINALLY gave the Huskies the defensive the presence they needed since losing Thabeet, finishing with four blocks. If he can continue to be tall and play mop-up on D, this team becomes 10-times better.

5. The good-luck grays better be used in every game here on out. Sleep in them, if need be.

6. Texas was certainly on a downswing, coming off its first loss of the season. And they were undoubtedly going to lose their No. 1 ranking when the new polls came out. But that shouldn't, for a second, diminish what an amazing upset this was. After the way the Huskies started conference play, after all of the fallout with Coach Cal taking a leave of absence, UConn's first win over a ranked opponent this season could be a season-saving one.

Enjoy it.

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