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Well that is a relief: UConn-St. John's recap

Well, UConn finally won a game. It was not especially pretty, and it except for the circumstances surrounding it, it wasn't particularly notable, but it was a win. For the first time since the 2006-07 season, the Huskies had found themselves on a three game losing streak and thanks to pitiful St. John's, the streak will not be extended to four.

The big story of course is the fact that Jim Calhoun was not on the sidelines, though you would not know it from looking at the box score. UConn was led by the trio of Stanley Robinson, Jerome Dyson and Kemba Walker (who did turn in another nice performance, with only one turnover), and the rest of the squad pitched in a little along the way. The Huskies did enough to get the 75-59 win, and put together a solid second half (outscoring St. John's 44-31), and not much more.

To be frank, outside of George Blaney doing a nice job to keep order, I cannot think of much from the game worth talking about. UConn played fine, they beat a team they were supposed to beat and now they'll move on. It was nice to get a third Big East win, and I am starting to hope that Kemba has turned a corner, but I'm already passed all that. This was an unremarkable game on an unremarkable day in mid-January. The real questions still lie ahead: When will Jim Calhoun be back? And how will this team do against No. 1 Texas on Saturday?

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