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TheLiveBlog: Super Saturday

We don't pay Dom Amore enough.

The Courant's sports writer has a piece in today's paper about the unusual circumstances of all three of UConn's revenue-generating sports teams playing on the same day, especially when that day is Jan. 2.

It happened last year, too (football in the International Bowl, the men against St. John's, the women against LSU), but still: unusual.

Anyway, he has suggestions for how the UConn fan on the go can follow it all, but he left out one thing: TheLiveBlog.

So grab some lunch and a beverage of your choosing, and pull up a chair next to the old computer. Assuming I'm awake before noon (and I'm writing this at 6 a.m., so that's a 50-50 proposition, honestly), join us for TheLiveBlog as we take you through all three games. (Although seeing as I don't get CPTV, that one might be a little tricky.)

UConn's Super Saturday 2010!!111!11!!!1