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TheLiveBlog: UConn v. Colgate

You've read the preview, now join us for two hours of frank, serious UConn basketball discussion. Or we'll mock how all the freshmen have two-dimensional mohawks and cast Jim Calhoun as a quasi-divine talisman. Either way, I expect to see all four (FOUR?) of you in there tonight.

UConn-Colgate: The Reckoning. Also, TheLiveBlog

And as a thank you to those of you joining TheLiveBlog tonight, I give you Syracuse's Paul Harris rapping 50 Cent's "21 Questions" with two random dudes who probably played for LeMoyne a few weeks ago. We already covered this at the very beginning of Syracuse Hate Half-Week, but God does this video never get old. Even if Harris is no longer a member of the Orange.

You're welcome.