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A brief announcement

1) The UConn women are ridiculous. They were ahead of Northeastern, 28-0, just over 5:00 into Saturday's season opener. They managed to outscore their opponents 77-35 over the rest of the game anyway. My mind cannot handle how absurd that is.

2) When all three of our readers speak, I have to listen. Therefore it's my pleasure to announce that we'll be bringing back our ever-popular TheLiveBlog for Monday and Tuesday night, when UConn competes in the preseason NIT at Gampel.

So join us right here both nights for some live Husky chatter via CoverItLive. It'll be two hours of hilarity, or your money back. Monday's game against Colgate tips at 9, so we'll kick it off around 8:45. Tuesday's game against the Hofstra-Yale winner will be at 7 (unless somehow UConn loses to Colgate, in which case we will never do TheLiveBlog again.*)

Anyway, there's your advance notice. See you Monday night.

*Probably not true