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Polllin': Men 12th/14th, Women 1st/0th

I really wanted to call this Smokin' Pole, but I try not to steal directly from the Colbert Report when I can.

The men's AP Top 25 was revealed today, meaning that the games are ever so close away.

The Huskies are 14th in the coaches' poll (third in the Big East behind Nova and WVU); just moments ago, they were picked 12th in the AP, behind friggin' Butler. I'd love to play them, personally.

All in all, it's a pretty solid ranking for a team with three awesome starters and 10 question marks.

As if you needed to hear this, the UConn women are a unanimous No. 1 in the preseason AP poll and it doesn't appear that the coaches' poll is out yet. Just a hunch, I think you can pencil them in for No. 1, too.