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Countdown: 15

Today, instead of looking back, we look forward. And with that, #15 can only be referring to one man:

The Kemba Walker.

Let me tell you about The Kemba: I mean, did you see those plays in that Missouri game? And the speed! My god, the speed!

The Kemba Walker brand is something you should be interested in. To experience The Kemba is to be a part of something exciting

The Kemba is youthful. The Kemba plays defense. But The Kemba does not neglect his playmaking responsibilities. The Kemba is the ying and the yang, the reason Jim Calhoun will awaken each morning this season, the embodiment of our hopes and dreams of getting deep into the NCAA Tournament once again.

Sure, we know roughly how good Jerome Dyson and Stanley Robinson are. But we've only begun to glimpse the potential brilliance of our sophomore point guard from NYC. We saw how he dominated in the Elite Eight, we know he will do it again many times, and we are hungry for more. And thus we are all mere pawns in The Kemba's game.

This is an exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a movement. A very fast movement. The Kemba Walker: he's so fast, he started to run the New York Marathon at the beginning of this sentence. And he just wrote the words "this sentence" to finish that sentence.

In conclusion, if you were going to start a combination basketball team/crimefighting squad, my picks would be 1) The Kemba Walker, 2) Stanley Robinson, 3) Batman, 4) Jerome Dyson, 5) The Kemba Walker again. And there would never be another loss/crime ever again.

So yeah, we kind of like him around around here.