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TheRoundUp: Jasper Howard edition

UConn Stabbing Football

The second week after the murder of Jasper Howard has been a time of remembrance and trying to move on. The team tried to do both Monday in Miami, when they attended Jazz's funeral. The team, along with 3,000 other mourners (and more watching on the live internet stream), got a chance to say goodbye in a poignant ceremony.

Today is also, I believe, the first day since last Sunday in which the homepage is not an "RIP Jasper Howard" screen, a sign that life will continue to move forward.

Below the jump, updates on how you can help the Howard family, the arraignment of his alleged killer, and more.

Obviously, the biggest story today is the arraignment of both the man accused of stabbing Howard and an alleged accomplice.

  • The Courant's latest update indicates that the police allege the suspect, John Lomax III, became involved in a fight, left to arm themselves with weapons and stabbed Howard on return to the Student Union.

Some more links regarding Jasper:

  • I wish I had linked to this earlier, but the "Jasper Howard Fund is accepting donations to help out the Howard family with funeral costs and the costs of raising Howard's unborn child. It's run through UConn, so you can trust the money will get to where it needs to go.
  • Meanwhile, if you're looking for something to wear to Saturday's game against Rutgers, the #6 Jasper Howard commemorative T-shirt is now available wherever fine UConn merchandise is sold, with all profits also going to the Jasper Howard Fund and the Jasper Howard Endowed Scholarship Fund.
  • The Courant's Jeff Jacobs, who I think has done some outstanding work over the last 10 days or so, has a nice piece weaving the Jasper story in with that of roommate and suddenly-struggling kicker Dave Teggart.
  • Russ Blair at the Daily Campus continues the DC columnist tradition of loving the WVU fanbase
  • ESPN's Brian Bennett focuses on the football team trying to get back into a somewhat-normal routine.
  • The Trentonian details Greg Schiano's plans to have his team honor Jasper Saturday at the Rent.
  • The mother of WR Dwayne Difton reached out to Des at Courant to explain how Jasper was serving as a mentor for the freshman.