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Come for the Husky Run, stay for the terrifying injury news

Do you believe in Majok? And I hope you do have a wand that will get rid of stress fractures!

Do you believe in Majok? And I hope you {have a treatment that will get rid of stress fractures}!

Ah, yes. Basketball season. It begins Friday night (and I'm reading apparently ESPNU will be in attendance at Gampel Pavilion for First Night). I, for one, am not quite ready to give up on paying attention to football yet. But as you can tell by the countdown currently underway, I'm in the minority. So let's get down to the news of the day:

Gavin Edwards is awesome at cross country.

The power forward you may know best from posterizing Luke Harangody finished tied for first among UConn players in Wednesday's traditional Husky Run. The Husky Run, a 3.1-mile (5K) race around the Storrs campus, is traditionally held the week of midnight madness, and is known for showing just how out of shape the team has gotten over the last five months.

Edwards and walk-on Kyle Bailey finished at the same time (20:25), which is adorable. Kemba Walker finished about two minutes behind them (22:45), although to be fair, that time includes Kemba's 20-minute stop over at Sgt. Peps for a couple slices. No fair to penalize Kemba for having good taste in crappy Connecticut pizza.

Also, as usual, a bunch of normal students beat out Edwards and Bailey by several minutes.

(I was going to make a joke about Kemba also being outrun by Michigan State players, but then I watched this video (1:40 onward) and all the pain came back. Sorry I even brought it up.)

Anyways, much more noteworthy (despite the lede being buried in that Courant blogpost) is Ater Majok, who was unable to run due to his wearing a boot. And he was wearing a boot because he was diagnosed with a stress fracture in his left tibia. According to the Courant, the big fella will be sidelined for the next couple of weeks.

I'll pause while you freak the frig out.

Better? On the positive side, it sounds like he just needs to rest and hey, he's not eligible to play in a game until the end of December.

So while having the words "tibia" and "fracture" in the same sentence is never good, realistically this doesn't seem like a big deal...for now.

An injury to Majok, the presumptive starter at the four, is something to keep an eye on, but for now we'll consider it another way to keep Majok from playing to cover up his illegal recruitment a nuisance.