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Lutrus Watch, Day 29: By 'stop asking about it' I mean probable


Be wary, ladies. The swishy pants may come off this weekend.

Day 29 at Ground Zero and things are finally looking up.

After lashing out a bit at local media in his weekly press conference, saying he's "tired of talking about it" and (somehow) refusing to conjure up any pun involving their nerve to ask about Lutrus' nerve, Randy Edsall had some good news, courtesy of magical healer Bob Howard.

From the Courant:

"They're allowing him to practice today," Edsall said. "He's probable to play in the game based on how he will do. It's a situation where with stingers you never know. You get one, you could get another one but he's been cleared to practice."

"He's been cleared to play this Saturday based on how he would do during this week at practice. That's the news that I just got from Bob. I thought I would share that with you so that's the update."

Considering how upbeat Edsall was, I would expect Lutrus, who has been out since suffering the most mighty of stingers toward the end of the Huskies' Week 1 win over Ohio, to be back on the field, thrashing the mighty infidels of Pittsburgh and only taking names in order to alert the next of kin that their son and or brother has just been Lutrusfied.