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Frazer out at least two weeks


Zach Frazer's mummified right knee will keep him out the next two weeks, at least. (photo: Courant)

The right knee injury that sidelined Zach Frazer during Saturday's soul-crushing loss to UNC at Rentschler will keep the junior QB out at least two more weeks, Randy Edsall told local media Sunday.

According to the Courant:

"Frazer, who went down midway through the third quarter, will not require surgery on the knee, but Edsall gave no further clarification as to the exact nature of the injury.

"'If [it was a season-ending injury] I would tell you,' Edsall said. 'Time frame, I can't tell you. I wish I could tell you, but the trainers are telling me that a lot depends on how they heal and how they feel.'"

Not exactly comforting words from Edsall.

The good new is if the timetable Edsall gave is correct -- which, considering his comments, doesn't seem likely -- Frazer will be back in time for the start of Big East play, which kicks off for the Huskies on Oct. 10 at Pitt.

Until then, redshirt sophomore Cody Endres, who was 3-for-7 for 30 yards Saturday, will take the reins against Baylor and URI the next two weeks.

God help us.