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The worldwide leader comes calling thrice


These eyes / are cryin'/ These eyes have seen a lot of lovesButthey'renevergonnaseeanotherone like I had with you

Don't have a date for Valentine's Day?

No worries. You can spend three out of the four Mondays in February snuggled up with Coach Cal and potpourri of Big East representatives.

ESPN's Big Monday schedule was released today, and the Huskies will be taking part in three, with only one taking place at Gampel/The Morgue.


Date Game
January 4 Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
January 11 Villanova at Louisville
January 18 Syracuse at Notre Dame
January 25 Georgetown at Syracuse
February 1 Connecticut at Louisville
February 8 Villanova at West Virginia
February 15 Connecticut at Villanova
February 22 West Virginia at Connecticut
March 1 Georgetown at West Virginia