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Blogpoll: Week Two

Rank Team Delta
1 Florida
2 Southern Cal
3 Texas
4 Alabama 8
5 Penn State
6 Oklahoma State 4
7 California 1
8 Brigham Young 5
9 Mississippi 2
10 Ohio State 4
11 Boise State 4
12 LSU 5
13 TCU 5
14 Virginia Tech
15 Georgia Tech 7
16 Georgia 7
17 Florida State 2
18 North Carolina 1
19 Notre Dame 1
20 Utah
21 Oklahoma 17
22 Kansas
23 Missouri
24 Michigan State
25 Pittsburgh 2
Last week's ballot
Dropped Out: Oregon (#16), Illinois (#21), Nebraska (#24), West Virginia (#25).



Woo for the blogpoll. Final ballot is due Wednesday, so of course I'll be factoring in Florida State-Miami and Rutgers-Cincinnati, if necessary. But here's a preliminary draft for y'all.

Couple notes, and then I'll let y'all tear at it.

Most impressive: Alabama. That is a ferocious, ferocious defense they've got. I'm already looking forward to the Florida-Alabama game in the SEC Championship.

Honorable mention: Oklahoma State (for quieting the "SEC SPEEEEEED" guys for at least a few seconds), Notre Dame (for blowing out a half-decent mid-major, like they should), Cal (solid blowout win over an albeit down Maryland team), BYU (I know they are way overrated, but even with Bradford OU didn't dominate or anything)

Least impressive: Ohio State. Navy? Really? I could see this season being a mirror image of last year; early struggle against a mediocre team (Ohio/Navy), blowout loss to USC, and then rolling through the godawful Big 10 (minus Penn State) before a BCS loss.

Honorable mention: The Big 10 (A joke. Michigan might be decent and I toyed with throwing them in at 25; Ohio State/Michigan State might win some games, and PSU is good), the Pac-10 (minus USC/Cal).

Maybe overly harsh: Oklahoma. They drop 17 spots not because they lost to BYU (they're probably around 10 or 11 if Bradford plays the whole game and still loses), but because Bradford might be out a while.

Not harsh enough: Georgia is way too high, they should be in the lower 20-25 range. That will be corrected for Wednesday.

What I struggled with: Ranking all the ACC and Big 12 teams in the bottom half of the poll. The four ACC teams (VT, GT, UNC, FSU) appear to be all bunched together from 14-20, and the three Big 12 teams (Bradord-less OU, Kansas, Mizzou) plus Nebraska are all somewhere around 20-25ish, but damned if I did anything but guess their exact order.

OK, Have at it.