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Lorenzen scores first NFL touchdown; sky to fall in next day or so


Well, we knew this plush, pre-Apocalyptic world we've come to enjoy wouldn't last forever.

Tyler Lorenzen, he of the noodliest of noodle arms, caught his first NFL touchdown as the much-maligned shitty former UConn QB tries to make it in the pros as a tight end. Although I can't find it in the box score, Lorenzen must have thrown an interception, or at least fumbled a few dozen times, as well. I'll get back to you.

Perhaps even more impressive, though, was the TD was somewhat meaningful. Well, as meaningful as a preseason touchdown can be.

With the Jags down seven with 40 seconds left, Lorenzen caught a 20-yard pass from Todd Bouman that put Jacksonville in position to tie the game.

The Jags, of course, decided to go for two and promptly failed. But it still marks the most meaingful thing Lorenzen has done on a football field since ... I'll get back to you on that one, too.