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Gavin, Dyson your 2009-10 captains

dyson-gavin dunks

My two favorite shots, rolled into one.

According to a comment made by Dyson to Jeff Goodman of

Nate Miles was a close third.

I was prepared to say that, at the very least, Gavin seemed like a good choice. But then I remembered having a mute as a captain may not be a good thing. Well, unless every player on your team was mute. Then you'd kind of have to. (But how would they call out defensive shifts?)

Anyway, perhaps things have changed in the locker room after the departure of three big personalities ... and Craig. But the last time I checked, Gavin was always the shy, silent guy in the back of the room who didn't quite fit in. The fact that he was the only one who would play Scrabble with Hasheem pretty much sums it all up nicely.

But now that he's winning team body-building awards and predicting big things for himself, maybe this is a new Gavin.

At the very least, it's got to tip Cal's hand a bit as far as the starting lineup is concerned. I'm not sure he would name him a captain and then only give him 10 minutes a game (which, as noted before, I'm oddly against). But I guess there's a possibility he could just become a Mark Madsen-esque/every-walk-on-ever-panned-to-locking-arms-on-the -bench-during-a-crucial-moment-type captain. Really a win-win either way.

Dyson is also a curious choice for obvious, non-law-abiding reasons. And even he was a pretty quiet, reserved guy, at least with the media. (I'm sure every UConn student to live in Carriage or Celeron -- or hang out at a parking lot at night -- would probably argue otherwise.)

But I can kind of see how that makes sense, given the other choices. Although Stan might have made a great father figure to some of the younger guys ... because, you know, he's had like, what, eight kids already?

Regardless, the pep-talks this season (when Cal allows someone to talk) should be great.

Dyson: "Come on, ya'll. This is gut-check time. We need to play 110 % now. Let's play this game like it's our last."

Dyson turns to Gavin, eyes him to chime in.

Gavin: "... Yeah!"