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Unknown, unexciting prospects come in threes

After a slow start in Class of 2010 recruiting, the Huskies have been raking in commits lately.

All from player who weren't in the database before committing, but commits none the less.

The three players to verbal over the past three days or so are: St. Paul (Bristol) WR Byron Jones, Coral Springs (Fla.) MLB Brandon Steg and Meriden (N.H.) guard Gus Cruz.

Not much information on any of the three, really, and what is out there doesn't really go in depth on the players' skill sets. But Steg, at the very least, seems to be an interesting prospect.

Although a no-star as of Saturday, Steg was reportedly receiving interest from Rutgers, USF and Minnesota, among others, after a junior season in which he had 115 tackles, six sacks and two interceptions. According to, he also runs a 4.69 in the 40. Not exactly infused with SEC speed like most Florida products, but perhaps he moved there later in his life, therefore limiting his power of "quicks."

His highlight reel (above) is a bit underwhelming, but it shows that he knows how to use Power Point, which is always a plus.

Although there's not much to base my opinion off, he put up good numbers in his first season after switching from defensive end in a state that produces a lot of football talent. He could certainly turn out to be a good get this early, especially if he puts up better numbers in his second year at linebacker.

Jones is the latest prospect to be mined from the Connecticut football powerhouse St. Paul, following in the footsteps of freshman wideout Marcus Aiken. Unlike Aiken, though, he has played primarily at wide receiver, hauling in eight touchdowns last season.

Jones is also a decent sprinter, and his agility helped catch the eyes of the UConn coaching staff:

"Every time they brought us in an agility drill, I would listen to them attentively, perform good and wouldn't mess it up," Jones said.

There you go, folks. If you want to be recruited by a D-IA school, bring your listening ears, be agile and use improper grammar. I still don't know how I went unrecruited out of high school.