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Poor Doug Wiggins


Doug Wiggins still holds the school record for Coach Cal heart attacks induced with four in 2007-08.

After being jettisoned from both UConn and UMass, the starcrossed point guard is done with New England. And while he's at it, the entire NCAA.

From Mike Anthony's blog:

"Doug Wiggins' next destination? While nothing is set in stone, he's showing great interest in ...

"Campbellsville University, an NAIA school in Kentucky."

As I believe Anthony pointed out a few days ago, Wiggins is in desperate need of a change of scenery. But something tells me the often brash 21-year-old isn't going to fit in well in a place where natives call themselves "Steeple People" and the "Campbellsvillians of note" include about half a dozen Republicans and some guy with a Southern grocery store chain.

Oh, and the basketball team was 10-19 last season.

Poor, poor Doug Wiggins.