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Find out how tired Jeff Adrien is today


Even Jeff Adrien's blog posts intimidate opponents.

It's possible that Jeff Adrien won't make a team before the start of next season, so the woyah has already started pursuing a second career option: blogger extraordinaire.

The Memphis Grizzlies blog "," perhaps the only site that can challenge this here blog for most creative site name on the interweb, has given Adrien the keys to the RSS for the next week or so. The woayh will be providing updates while he plays with the Grizzlies' summer team, alongside Theebz and Marcus Williams, in what I assume is an attempt to get a player's perspective on summer camp.

Not a bad idea. But so far, Adrien has made three updates, and his stuff has been less than riveting:


-Grizz fans, I just want to thank you all for taking your time to look at my blog. We just finished with our 2nd practice. It went real well. Guys are playing well together. Remember first game is Sunday. We’re staying at the Palms Hotel so come down and gamble a lil’ haha. I’ll be down in the lobby getting some food in a lil’.

-So I just ate a great meal. I’m definately sleepy after that meal and the time zone is getting me too, but I’m sitting in the lobby right now just chillin.

-Laying in this bed watching SportsCenter. About to call it a night. Early practice tomorrow.

So if you're interested in seeing what made Jeff Adrien sleepy today -- will it be warm milk? a few laps in the pool? -- or if you're wondering how that corn beef hash he had for breakfast was, be sure to check it out.