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UConn: Where backhanded compliments are not only welcome, they're encouraged


Back in 2003, no one could have ever dreamed that UConn would rush the ball 49 times in a meaningless bowl game.

Not really sure what prompted The Big Lead to compose a list of the "non-Top 25 programs that might be attractive to recruits" but UConn apparently made the five-team cut.


"Connecticut. Would probably be at the top of the list if Storrs wasn’t such a dump and in the frigid northeast. Randy Edsall is a terrific coach and has taken the Huskies to bowl games in three of its five years in D1. Surprisingly, UConn had four players taken in the first two rounds of last year’s NFL draft (and two in the 2008 draft). Downside: You’re going to be second banana to the basketball players on campus."

I guess that means we're good, just not BYU good? Damn Mormons and their snooty Top 25 status.

While the list is a nice gesture and all (I think), I have a few qualms with some of the site's material:

  • I sincerely doubt TBL has been to Storrs, but dumpy seems a bit much. Willimantic may be the crack capitol of Connecitcut, but that's at least five feet down the road.
  • Maybe it's just me, but I die a little bit every time Randy Edsall is described in a positive light. Maybe it's just me being a player hater, but while the results are there, the inside draw did most of the work.
  • Not sure if this is a factual error or a grammatical one, but UConn had two picks in the entire '08 draft.
  • The Huskies actually began their transition to D-IA in 2000, were full-fledged members in 2002 and joined the Big East in 2004. But saying three bowls in five D-IA seasons sounds better, so let's go with that.
  • Pretty sure the phrase "second banana" should never be uttered outside of the 1960s.

Good to see that even when it does make list of backhanded compliments, UConn proves to be irrelevant once again in football.