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Fab Melo, you were destined to wear an adorable husky dog on your pantaloons

Mega prospect Fab Melo pretty much has his choice of any school to attend next season. A 7-foot, 270-pound center from Weston (fla.) by way of Brazil,Melo is rated as Rivals' No. 2 center in the country and the No. 5 player in the entire class of 2010.

Naturally, UConn has made his final list, along with Louisville, Syracuse and Florida State, according to this fine piece by Adam Zagoria. But all signs point to Louisville and UConn being his final two.

The Cardinals may be able to provide him with all the Dapper Dan and mint juleps he could ever want, but Melo has all the making of a Coach Cal two-to-three-year project:

  • He's foreign and doesn't speak English well
  • He's tall
  • Is often described as "raw but talented"
  • First love was soccer and has only been playing basketball for a short time
  • A good shot-blocker
  • Obviously yearns to be a Big Eastie boy

Seriously? Last time I checked, players with those descriptions comprise at least a quarter of every UConn recruiting class.

Your name may induce nausea, Fab, but I'm willing to keep a bottle of Pepto-Bismol on me at all times as part of this deal. And as far as we know, this Melo has shown no distaste toward snitches (although I assume, like all of us, he believes they deserve stiches), so it's not too bad.

Fab, we anxiously await your decision. And finally being able to describe things as "fab" without questioning our sexuality a tiny bit.