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Linebacker/hot dog vendor second to verbal

Reuben Frank is not only an accomplished football player,

he's also a wiz with Microsoft Powerpoint.

Just a day after Yawin Smallwood became the first member of the 2010 recruiting class, DE/LB Reuben Frank became the second to join the party.

Frank, a no-star prospect out of Poughkeepsie (N.Y.), reportedly held offers from Syracuse and Buffalo, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to come to his "dream school." Despite being obviously delusional, Frank, the first-ever UConn player to be named after both a deli sandwich and a frankfurter, seemed pretty excited by the decision.

Let 'er rip, Courant:

"I remember being up there last spring with my high school coach and I just fell in love with the place," Frank said. "The environment, the facilities, the intensity level the players had ... I loved it.

"But the way I was playing back then, I just didn't think I would be playing [at UConn] so when they called with an offer, I was really surprised."

While he may have gone a bit emo on Desmond Conner when discussing his choice, Frank is certainly no weenie. According to his Powerpoint, Frank had four catches for a whopping 103 yards last season as a tight end, while racking up 92 tackles and a sack on D. While it seems like he only played linebacker last season, he's also listed in places as a DE. Given UConn's scheme, I'd assume Frank (6-2, 230) would play on the line.

Also in his Powerpoint, he also runs a 4.7 40 and likes to bench press shirtless. How do I know this? A search of his name on YouTube comes up with about three clips of him doing so. Conner also points out that "dude carries a 3.4 GPA" and wants to become a state trooper. Awesome.

Named after a sandwich, bench-press shirtless, has a solid GPA AND wants to be a policeman? This kid can't get any better.

Actually, I stand corrected (God, I hope this is actually him):