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Knight visits the house that Cal built

Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) point guard Brandon Knight, known for his ability to make middle-aged men swoon, made and unofficial visit to UConn Saturday.

Knight, the Gatorade POY in Florida last season as a junior, is the No. 1 player in the Class of 2010 and someone whom Coach Cal seems to have the hots for. It's a bit unusual for Cal to be in the mix of a top prospect who could end up being a one-and-doner (the last Top 5 player to sign was Rudy Gay in 2004), but after reading his write-up on Rivals, I can see why.

"Knight might not be a freak athlete like the top point guards before him, but he possesses a complete game of an elite nature. His physical strength and tight ball handling get him wherever he needs to be on the court. And his shooting skill and court vision allow him to consistently finish plays. On the other side of the ball he is an elite defender who more than adequately rebounds his position. Top off all of this with high level competitiveness, and you have the top prospect in the country."

Definitely sounds like a Cal-type player.

But with pretty much every other team in on him, I'll wait until he narrrows his choices before I get too excited.