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Draft day links

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NBA Draft Basketball

Thabeet has apparently turned into a 50-year-old white man since leaving UConn.

(Saw a similar post over at Card Chronicle, so I decided to steal the idea.)' Mock Draft (only 1-5 are free)

Chad Ford has Thabeet going No. 2, A.J. going No. 54 to the Bobcats and Adrien undrafted.

Andy Katz mock draft

Apparently he's trying to infringe on Ford's turf. Has Thabeet at two.

Draft Express mock

Thabeet at No. 2 again, A.J. at 42 to the Spurs mock

Probably the least reliable of the three biggies. Thabeet at -- you guessed it -- No. 2, Adrien to Cleveland at 46 and no Anthony Jordan.

Thabeet ready to take next step: Hartford Courant

Rubio or Thabeet?: AP

Story on how even top 3 picks have questions: Washington Post

Phone ringing for Grizzlies' GM as draft nears: USA Today

Thabeet overcomes adversity: Houston Chronicle

The case against Thabeet: Memphis Flyer

Two major scenarios emerging for Thunder: Welcome to loud city

3 Shades of Blue: Grizzlies TrueHoop blog

Thabeet's Twitter

Adrien's Twitter

TheUConnBlog Twitter

I'll be providing commentary via Twitter most of the night. Meacham is also supposed to be there, so I'll see if he can provide some Tweets as well.