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Tom Penders takes Houston pride to new level


Months after Houston men's basketball coach Tom Penders lashed out at ESPN for making it seem like Aubrey Coleman's Lord of the Dance routine on Chase Budinger's face was intentional (the nerve!), the former Huskies point guard (1964-67) is apparently still a bit perturbed.

He didn't say as much. But Penders, a recent inductee into the prestigious UConn wing of the Fairfield County Sports Hall of Fame, showed up to "UConn Fairfield Day" at the Stamford campus a bit red in the face.

Either that, or he just isn't a big believer of that whole skin cancer thing.

Penders was one of four recent inductees to a really specific hall of fame based solely on birthplaces to show up at the event, which was so exciting it prompted the headline "UConn Fairfield County Day Is Held" on But Randy Edsall was the keynote speaker, so I'm sure that was moderately entertaining.

While Penders apparently decided to spend a few days months in the sun to prepare for the event, fellow HOFer Rashamel Jones decided to keep it casual, wearing what appears to be a snake-skin suit.

Some may not remember that long before Shamon Tooles and Ed Nelson, Jones was taking the music buiz by storm. His hit album "Shock The World," featuring Antric Kaliber, remains one of the six or seven best albums ever to be created by a former UConn men's basketball players in the past 15 years.

You can actually still download some of his hit jams, such as "Booty Game" and "Mad Baller" (not to be confused with "Wish You Was A Baller"), on your word processor here.