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The Woyah meets the obscure Chicago press

Things that are great about this interview:

  1. Before watching, I wasn't aware that the Bulls' practice facility was named after a character in the Super Mario Bros series.
  2. Contrary to what Jeff says, I think the Chicago organization has bought new basketballs since 1998.
  3. If this wasn't filmed, Adrien would have body-slammed the interviewer for asking him about the weirdest thing he's been asked by a GM.
  4. They cut in still photos not once, not twice, but thrice. The first being a close-up shot that is put up for a good 5-10 seconds while Adrien struggles to come up with something to answer the "weirdest question"' question. And the best being the split shot of Adrien and Ben Gordon in order to show that that they both did in fact wear No. 4.
  5. There was nothing weird about Adrien's answer to the "weirdest question" question.
  6. "Former alumni" doesn't make sense, Bri.
  7. Asking a borderline second-round pick what he's going to buy first with his $1,000 contract isn't too nice.
  8. Did Brian Dryfhout hit on Adrien a bit at the end there?
  9. The interviewer is named Brian Dryfhout.