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Congrats, class of 2009!

Today is graduation day for most of the seniors at UConn (including the gentlemen who happen to have our names attached to the blog), so we at TheUConnBlog would like to wish the best of luck to everyone moving on from this fine institution.

But while today is the last time I can ironically say "back when I was a kid," it's also a day of looking ahead.

I can't speak for Porter or JesuShut, but I will certainly be lacking employment at least in the short term. Which means I will theoretically have time to talk about Randy Edsall's foibles, Jim Calhoun's possible violations, and Geno Auriemma's pasta sauce (perfect late Mother's Day gift, for the record). I'm sure my compatriots will find time as well.

Assuming Porter remembers to renew the domain name, we'll do our best to keep y'all updated on UConn's exploits throughout the summer and into next year, so do check back.

But for now, celebrate good times come on. And try not to tear up when you hear the alma mater.