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Majok to enter '09 draft, won't hire agent

Ater Majok

Obviously, this would put a damper on next season. But I can't see him going in the first round, so maybe this isn't as bad as it seems. And let's hope that this is just him wanting to help his family out and not a sign that his ties to Nochimson are as bad as they now seem.

I'm pressed for time, so here's the press release sent over by UConn athletics:

STORRS, Conn. (April 23, 2009)-University of Connecticut freshman basketball player Ater Majok will enter the 2009 NBA Draft but will not hire an agent, it was announced Thursday.

"After meeting with my family, I have decided that it is in my best interest to enter the NBA Draft," said Majok. "I feel it will help me to test the process and get feedback on my strengths and weaknesses. It will allow me to get a better idea of what areas in my game need improvement and make me a better player in the future. I will not be hiring an agent and I enter this process with the full intention of assessing my abilities and returning to Connecticut in 2009-10."

"In view of the upcoming rule changes for underclassmen, this is an opportunity for Ater to see where he currently fits into what I believe will be a future in professional basketball," said UConn head coach Jim Calhoun. "I respect that Ater understands that this decision is about more than just him and that he has, and will continue to, involve his immediate family in this process as it goes forward."

The NCAA legislative panel voted Monday on a decision that would make underclassmen decide by May 8 whether they are staying in the draft. The current deadline is ten days before the draft in mid-June. This rule, when ratified by the NCAA Board of Directors, will go into effect for next year's draft class.

Ater Majok (pronounced Ah-TARE Mah-jook) joined the UConn roster in the second semester of the 2008-09 season and will become eligible for action at the conclusion of the Fall semester in 2009 and have freshman eligibility. Majok is a 6-10, 233 lb. forward.