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What time is it? Almost 5 p.m. Which is close to game time


This may be the greatest photo ever. (via The Courant)

This is it. We're about an hour away from tip-off for the Final Four.

Man, that feels good to say.

I haven't really been too excited for the game all week. Maybe it was because of the long layover. Or perhaps it was the inordinate amount of Mexican food I ate this week.

Regardless, the time has come for the Huskies to take on the Michigan State Spartans in the Final Four (WOOOOO!) and I am all types of nervous and excited; my hand is shaking a little bit as I write this.

I've followed the team seemingly my whole life. I've always loved UConn, but now, as a student who has followed the team religiously all season, I can't imagine caring more about the outcome of a single college basketball game. This is why I came to this school.

No preview from Meacham today because he and Porter are in Detroit. But you can check out this post he wrote for the fine blog "Rush The Court" on why UConn will win. And for the Spartans, you can check out this primer I churned out late last night. So we've got both angles cover for you. You can read one graph from each at a time and keep switching back and forth for the full game preview effect.

No LiveBlog, either, as I won't be around a computer. If you want, feel free to use this post for your in-game comments.

OK, everyone. Get pumped. This is it. Let's do this.