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Someone's turning 10? My, how you've grown!

(Stupid CBS sports won't let me embed their official '99 championship highlight video. Now I hope no one clicks on it, ever.)

The greatest game in modern basketball history, if you ask me. Two teams filled with NBAers, a tight national championship decided in the final seconds. And, of course, Duke flops on their face and UConn shocks the world. Truly a great moment.

And it was 10 years ago, Sunday. My, how time flies. But things are different now. Unlike in 1999, there's no tough Big 10 champion waiting in the wings in the Final Four. Also, there's no ACC juggernaut - claimed as one of the great teams of all time early in the season - running roughshod over the rest of the bracket and standing in UConn's way.

Ah, if only things were as simple as they were then.

During the 4 or 5 seconds it takes to pick up on that sarcasm, let's stay with the 1999 UConn team...

The '99 team earned a top seed, although the '04 team got shafted with a No. 6 (and a matchup with a far inferior Syracuse team).

I mean, I know they lost six games, but that team had probably the two best college players that year. A SIX???

I encourage you to go make your opinions known over at RTC, as they'll be running this tournament all week.