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Allegation links


I'm getting pretty tired of all these allegations popping up each day, and judging from some of the comments I've read on the Boneyard and what I've heard from others, you seem to be too.

So unless one of us has a point to make or something huge happens, I'm just going to put up the links and you can post comments if you'd like. Because I think it's important to get the info out there, and after all, there's some fine reporting going on.

  • Yahoo! Sports has quotes from Coach Cal saying that he might have made a mistake in the recruitment of Nate Miles. Although, they don't appear to be as shocking as some are making them out to be; it seems like he's attacking the rules more than admitting guilt. {Yahoo! Sports}
  • A report out of Tampa claims that Josh Nochimson paid for at least a part of Miles' surgery in December of 2007. It's unclear how much Nochimson paid or what the surgery was. {Tampa Tribune}
  • The NCAA released what is describing as an "unusually strong response" to comments in the university's statement Wednesday and remarks made by Calhoun at his Wednesday press conference. {}