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TheLiveBlog: #1 UConn vs. #5 Purdue

For now, we're going to put aside the fact that UConn is facing major recruiting violations, that the NCAA has reportedly begun their probe of UConn and that it may include the university's entire athletic department.

And we'll even overlook that the football team held its pro day yesterday, which not only produced great results for some little-known UConn prospects, but also this shot of Julius Williams in hot pants with his ... um ... "stuff" clearly defined, as well as this one of Bill Belichick wearing a Bon Jovi tour jacket.

For the next two hours or so, we'll instead turn our attention to enjoying what should be a great Sweet 16 matchup, hating on Purdue Pete's hippie sideburns and engaging in some in-game banter in a moderately cooler version of an AIM chatroom.

Read Meacham's game preview here, my Q&A with the Purdue blog Hammer and Rails here, and more shots of Belichick's sweet jacket here.

Let's do this.

Sweet 16: #1 UConn vs. #5 Purdue