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UConn issues statement re: Miles fiasco

For info on the situation, read Meacham's breakdown, as well as the initial investigative report from Yahoo! Sports.


There's really not much to this press release. The university acknowledges the story and that it received the FOI request and, without mentioning Miles by name, makes a point to say that the "student athlete" is no longer with the program.

Looks like we'll have to wait for the 4:30 p.m. presser for more. Meanwhile, the Boneyard has pretty much exploded.

UConn press release:

"The University of Connecticut received a Freedom of Information Act Request from Yahoo Sports during the fall. That request was acted upon in a series of communications with Yahoo culminating in complete disclosure of all requests.

When the University began its recruitment of the student-athlete named in the article, it utilized the University's outside counsel on NCAA related matters who worked collaboratively with the NCAA staff to examine all aspects of his amateur status, as is expected under NCAA rules. The NCAA's Eligibility Center reviewed all information that it had concerning the student-athlete's eligibility status and determined that he was eligible for his freshman year. The student-athlete departed from the University before ever participating in athletics competition.

The story printed today includes no current student-athletes and no student-athlete who has ever competed for the institution. The University's men's basketball team and its coaches are working today to prepare for its upcoming game tomorrow night. University outside counsel and administrators are continuing to review the article to determine if additional action is required.

The University takes very seriously its responsibilities of NCAA membership and will do all that is expected to follow up on any information related to possible NCAA rules violations."