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Coach Cal released from hospital, enjoys a hardy breakfast


Even after being hospitalized, Coach Cal knows not to miss the most important meal of the day.

Actually, I know nothing about the hardiness of Coach Cal's breakfast meal. But I feel like he's the type of guy who eats steak at 8 a.m. Either that or Go-gurt.

Anyway, the specifics of Calhoun's meal aren't as important as where he was eating.

The Cal man was released from the hospital in Philly "with a clean bill of health," according to a press release sent out by UConn, and at around 10 a.m., was gettin' his grub on with the team.

Glad to hear it. Blane Dog did a great job yesterday, and maybe it helped divert attention from the whole "we haven't won anything in two years" thing, but UConn can ill afford to lose even the kid who hands out towels at this point. And no one wants see Calhoun miss anymore time in what could be his last shot at a title. (Sorry, guys. I don't know if he has another five-year plan in him.)

As an aside, I feel like this whole ordeal is setting up a nice "One shining moment" if/when we reach the Final Four. Dyson goes down, Majok and Miles gone, Stanley back from the steel mill and then back from being a ghost for the entire season, six-overtime game. And now this.

That's the stuff you print T-shirts with. And in Syracuse's case, jock straps.

Update: Courant's got the story up