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Well that went better than expected


So after all the debate, UConn wound up with a 1 seed after all. The Huskies were sent to the West region, where UConn has been historically successful, but did wind up paired up with the strongest 2 seed, Memphis. I'll leave it up to Justin to give a less-homerific breakdown of UConn's bracket, but for the most part I am happy with what the committee gave UConn. There do not seem to be any huge landmines and the Huskies should be pretty heavy favorites until the Elite 8.

Anyway, check back in here at TheUConnBlog this week as we breakdown the Huskies' early matchups. We'll also look at UConn's hit or miss history as a 1 seed and try to dig up some other tournament minutiae to keep you entertained. For now though, I will simply bask in the relative comfort of a top seed before I have to prepare myself for the crippling disappointment that usually follows.