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Women's team spares Louisville the embarrassment of a 40-point loss in the BET championship game

Pfew. I was really worried there at halftime that UConn would only win by 20.

I think Rebecca Lobo summed everything up best on her twitter page after the game:

"I'm hungry."

Spoken like a true UConn alum.

Congratulations to the women's team and everything. But really? A 39-point win? In the Big East Tournament championship game? To the No. 5 team in the country?

I just can't see how watching these games is even the least bit fun. I'm not trying to undermine my own support of all things UConn. But I don't go fishing with a stick of Acme dynamite for similar reasons.

Can we just skip this whole tournament thing and give them the trophy? It would save the citizens of Connecticut some money on unnecessary travel. And while we're at it, you might as well just ship the next two titles, too. That way we can let Maya Moore drop 28 on WNBA players instead of the best college players in the country. I'm really starting to worry that she may begin acting up the same way Randy did in Home Improvement before they transferred him to a high school math class.

Either that, or there should be a luxury tax instituted in college where teams like UConn have to give up some of their wealth of talent to other teams. USF needs to eat too, Geno.